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Attempt (FAILED?) to modify a simple DC Motor circuit for interface with a current CMD input

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Testing my chance here with the SimScape experts to understand where I've gone wrong!
I'm trying to modify a simple DC motor SimScape model to follow a deploy/retract schedule from current control CMD. This model drives a mechanical driveline to deploy a mechanism.
In the exemple attached, I reduced the model to the motor only. The motor includes a few feature that are working well: - an externally commanded motor brake (modeled as a friction torque) - a current limiter (increases the line resistance past 40A)
I tried to inspire myself with the way I modeled the current limit with a variable resistance to adjust the speed based on the current command and a DPDP Switch to invert the motor direction based on the command. It is "working" but extremely slow to run, definately not the optimal solution.
Any suggestions? I'm fairly novice with SimScape. I attached the model and the library.
Francois Godin

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