corrected trapezoid rule function code

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PetronasAMG on 3 Dec 2017
Commented: Jan on 4 Feb 2018
I need help on matlab coding!!
so assignment given is to use trapezoid rule, midpoint rule and corrected trapezoid rule to plot log vs log error plot here is what i have so far
This is the main script function:
a = 0;
b = 2;
%take the integral of the given function
Int = exp(2^2-1)- exp(0^2-1);
%preallocate the estimates and errors
trap_value = zeros(1,12);
mid_value = zeros(1,12);
correctedtrap_value = zeros(1,12);
trap_error = zeros(1,12);
mid_error = zeros(1,12);
correctedtrap_error = zeros(1,12);
%number of steps given in the problem (n)
k = 1:1:12;
n = 2.^k;
%repeat the value of n
for j = 1:12
trap_value(j) = traprule(a,b,n(j));
mid_value (j) = midpoint(a,b,n(j));
correctedtrap_value (j) = correctedtrapezoid (a,b,n(j));
trap_error(j) = abs(Int-trap_value(j));
mid_error = abs(Int-mid_value(j));
correctedtrap_error = abs(Int-correctedtrap_value(j));
legend('Three rules estimate log(error) vs log(number of steps)','Location','best')
This is the given function to evaluate:
function [f] = func_main(x)
%this function will calculate 2xexp(x^2-1) and given x
f = 2*x*exp(x^2-1);
This is the trapeziod rule:
function [I] = traprule(a,b,n)
%Function called: func_main
%initiate the value for h
h = (b-a)/n;
%preallocate the output
I = 0;
for j=1:n
%left point of j trapezoid
left = a+h*(j-1);
%right point of trapezoid
right = a+h*j;
%apply the main fucntion
fleft = func_main(left);
fright = func_main(right);
%size the j trapezoid
trap = (fleft+fright)*h/2;
%add to continue the estimate
I = I+trap;
so given the equation of CORRECTED TRAPEZOID RULE equation, I have to use equation to get proper value for corrected trapezoid rule.(which is attached a picture)
so Tn(f), I am guessing is the value i got from trapezoid rule function, where i already made the function file for, now i need to code to get T^c n (f). Only problem is that I am really struggling how to start the function file for CORRECTED TRAPEZOID RULE. Please help me how to write corrected trapezoid rule that can link up to the main script so i can plot out the log graph! the detail and sample coding will be a great help!

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