How do you setup Matlab R2017a to use a floating license?

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We already have older versions of Matlab that are licensed through FlexNet. How do I setup R2017a to pull a license from our FlexNet server? I setup a LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable to point to where our licenses are being served, but I still get a license checkout failed error message.

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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser on 29 Nov 2017
Steven, the basic idea is to update on the license manager side and the clients can still access the older version as well.
There is a lot of information around that in the documentation and on MATLAB Answers, but I do not want to annoy you with stuff you already know. Can you let me know if you are an admin, or an end user? Anything specific like the error message will help too.

Steven Trasatto
Steven Trasatto on 29 Nov 2017
Andreas, I have attached the error message that I receive. I am an admin for the tool rather than a user.
Steven Trasatto
Steven Trasatto on 29 Nov 2017
Thank you Andreas. I will get the Flexnet update done and hopefully that will resolve my problem.

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