transmitting and recieving with pcan usb (peak System)

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Hi everyone, I am trying to use VNT peak system toolbox.After a bit of installing/deinstalling drivers etc, I got it to work.Now, here there is an error I can not resolve. I need to transmit and recieve messages to the controller in the same sim.model.
Well, whenever i deactivate the transmit or recieve part it works, but not at the same time, which what i need to have. The error i am getting is:
"Unable to query hardware information for the selected
CAN channel object.Struct contents reference from a non-struct array object."
for the simultaneous send/recieve. I can not figure out where or which setting I should change.I would appreciate any hint, help that you may think of.
Thanks in advance,
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Kaveh Allahdin
Kaveh Allahdin on 29 Nov 2017
By the way. After I updated my windows the problem went away! so the lesson is to keep your windows up to date always! :)

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Kaveh Allahdin
Kaveh Allahdin on 23 Nov 2017
I did not post unpacking for The recieving but that changes nothing!the moment I add receive can to the canvas it starts complaining!
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Kaveh Allahdin
Kaveh Allahdin on 24 Nov 2017
I checked! I can not even run the matlab examples.However using pCanview i can send/receive with no problem!

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