probability data distribution randomly or with some probability

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I have 10,000 Electric vehicles(EVs) now I want to distribute them in 24hours(day) one-hour interval, this shows the arrival time of vehicles like mostly Evs comes nearby 9-10 hours(9-10am)(40-50%) and then in afternoon around 13-14 hours (1-2pm) it may be 20-30% and remaining in evening time maximum at 16-17 hours(4-5pm). or can I distribute these EVs according to this following curve patterns(only consider yellow curve) in matlab,

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Torsten on 15 Nov 2017
Edited: Torsten on 15 Nov 2017
Let a(j) be the number of vehicles arriving between hour j-1 and hour j (j=1,...,24). So a is a row vector with 24 element.
Then do the following:
"random" gives you 10000 arrival times which lie between 0 and 24. If random(i) lies between integers j-1 and j (1<=j<=24)) means that the car arrives between hour j-1 and hour j.
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Torsten on 15 Nov 2017
But the number of EVs between hour j-1 and j (thus a(j)) is the y-value of your graphics from above, isn't it ?
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MUKESH KUMAR on 15 Nov 2017
but I also can not plot the curve and how to find a particular EV located in which particular hour to assign it a energy consumption value at charging station ? thanks for reply

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