Error Installing Third party software for Arm Cortex based VEX microcontroller support package

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I have some issues with installing the support package. I have tried both installing directly from MATLAB ADD-ONS application and download and install. From the error log
(Oct 30, 2017 08:05:50) SSI downloadAndInstallSP Response: {"exception": {"message":"There was a problem installing the third-party software. To resolve this issue, contact Technical Support","title":"Install Error","cause":" archive is not a ZIP archive"}}
From this error i suspected following folder in the downloaded install package which cannot be opened from windows file explorer as well:
After this point i tried to install the third party software manually from:
  • VEX companion app from MATLAB ADD-ON app
Currently i can open "vexarmcortex_gettingstarted" however i cannot build it. I can share build diagnostic error if required.
I would be glad if anyone can help me installing the support package correctly
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Mehmet Burak Ekinci
Mehmet Burak Ekinci on 30 Oct 2017
Just as I thought the was a broken file. I checked some xml files and found the download link of the zip file which is:
and replaced it with the download folder. And then installation worked! I also built vexarmcortex_gettingstarted file and drove a dc motor.

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