What is the difference between designfilt and fdesign

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Im trying to do zero phase filter my obj.CurrentData with this:
% FilterType='butter';
% FilterParam='N,F3dB1,F3dB2';
% BPFOrder=2;
d = fdesign.bandpass(obj.BPFilterParam,obj.BPFOrder,obj.BPFLimits(1),obj.BPFLimits(2),obj.Fs);
Hd = design(d,obj.BPFilterType);
But I only get: Error using filtfilt (line 78) Not enough input arguments.
It wants 3 inputs... although the help text says "y = filtfilt(d,x)" should work?

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Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen on 19 Oct 2017
Could you share which release you are using? You can find the info by runnig ver at the command prompt.

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