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How to show a pairs of images from cell array?

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Mehran Mustafa
Mehran Mustafa on 12 Oct 2017
Commented: Image Analyst on 13 Oct 2017
I'm trying to show the matrices stored in a cell as separate images. The cell is 511x3, with cell{1} and cell{3} as 3x3 matrices (which are to be converted to binary images) and cell{2} is the iteration count. I want to show the two images side by side with iteration count number in the middle.
initial = vec2mat(new(:,1),3);
final = vec2mat(new(:,iter),3);
iteration = iter-1;
sat{j,1} = initial;
sat{j,2} = iteration;
sat{j,3} = final;
So It should be something like:

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The Matlabinator
The Matlabinator on 12 Oct 2017
Why don't you make the iteration count the title? You could do something like this:
im1 = cell{1};
im2 = cell{3};
imTotal = [im1 im2];
imagesc(imTotal), axis equal

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