Targeting HDL Optimized QPSK Transmitter with Analog Devices FMCOMMS1

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Hello. I am doing "Targeting HDL Optimized QPSK Transmitter with Analog Devices FMCOMMS1" example. I would like to produce build sdr, but I will encounter this error:(The DUT IP Core generation process did not complete successfully). Help me please.version of my matlab is 2015b.
Phil Karagiannakis
Phil Karagiannakis on 9 Oct 2017
Hi Mohsen,
Can you share the following log files which are generated during the project generation:
  1. hdl_prj/sdr_prj/HDLTx_sdrtx.log
  2. hdl_prj/sdr_prj/HDLTx_sdrtx/vivado.log
  3. hdl_prj/sdr_prj/sdrsrc/ipcores/HDLTx/vivado.log

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