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how to send the value of a Java variable to a matlab variable when the matlab session is accessed in Java?

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I am using " matlab.engine.shareEngine" concept for accessing matlab in Java.
I wanted to know how to send/assign the value of a java variable to a matlab variable.
for example:
int i=4;
Future<Void> vFuture = eng.evalAsync("x=i;");
I also tried eng.feval("x",i);
but it is giving the following error:
Undefined function or variable 'x'.
Please help me regarding which function do we need to use?
Thanks & Regards,
Shruthi Ramakumar

Accepted Answer

Jatin Waghela
Jatin Waghela on 2 Oct 2017
Please refer to the below documentation link which gives more information and examples:
MATLAB API for Java:
Pass variables from Java to MATLAB:

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