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Calling bowtie2 from matlab

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Guy Nir
Guy Nir on 15 Sep 2017
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
I am trying to run bowtie2 from matlab: [a,b]=unix('bowtie2 -h') the output is: a =127 b='bin/bash not such command' so I copied all the executables to usr/bin and then it gave me: a = 127 b = 'env: perl: No such file or directory'
And in my startup.m I have: setenv('PATH','usr/bin:/usr/local/bin'); Where bowtie2 is defined, and when I type the same bowtie2 command from terminal it works. It used to work in matlab too, in an earlier version, but now i am using 2017a, and it's not working anymore. I would love to get some answers. Thank you

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Ramnarayan Krishnamurthy
Ramnarayan Krishnamurthy on 21 Sep 2017
Can you try running bowtie2 from matlab using the 'system' command. That is,
[a,b] = system('bowtie2 -h')
Also, there is a possibility that the startup.m is being shadowed. Try running to check if there are multiple startup files:
which -all startup
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Guy Nir
Guy Nir on 21 Sep 2017
Hi Ramnarayan,
Apparently I somehow deleted a backslash from my startup.m, and thus, didn't have PATH well-defined. It works well now!
Thanks, Guy

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