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Mirror PDE plot that has been solved simply

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Ben Sheard
Ben Sheard on 13 Sep 2017
Edited: Svetlana Pease on 21 Sep 2017
My PDE plot plots images like the one above. Like the thermal rod example only the positive radial solutions were calculated and displayed as the solution is symmetrical about the center line (y=0). But for presenting the solution I would also like to include the repeated negative information in the plots.
Is there a simple and fast way to mirror my PDE plot?
Thanks in advance

Answers (1)

Svetlana Pease
Svetlana Pease on 20 Sep 2017
Edited: Svetlana Pease on 20 Sep 2017
No, there is no shortcut for this. You have to define a new geometry, include it in the model, and solve for that new geometry.
Ben Sheard
Ben Sheard on 20 Sep 2017
Thank you for your reply
But then my model takes twice as Long to solve, therefore removign the Point in a symmetric time saver.
There is really no quick way to also plot in the negative? I know how to do it with a normal plot with a simple hold on and re plot with a negative sign, but not PDEplot.
Svetlana Pease
Svetlana Pease on 21 Sep 2017
Edited: Svetlana Pease on 21 Sep 2017
You can try using a handle to pdeplot:
h = pdeplot(model,'XYData',u)
After that, you can access and modify data used by pdeplot, such as XData, YData, ZData, and CData (color):
That doesn't look like a great solution though, since it's error-prone and requires you to keep all the array sizes consistent (including, for example, ZData, which you don't even use here). I would still recommend re-creating the geometry and letting the solver return the solution for both parts.

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