how to plot output voltage graph of 6-pulse rectifier?

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how to plot the above graph in matlab. The graph is for voltage waveform of 6-diodes, output voltage and current from 6-pulse rectifier. similarly, I have to plot output waveform for 12-Pulse rectifier. Please help me.
Regards, SG
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Sarah Mohamed
Sarah Mohamed on 14 Sep 2017
Are you using Simulink, and if so, are you using a 'To Workspace' block so that the data is available in the MATLAB workspace?
Please share as much detail as possible about how the data you would like to plot has been created.

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Rohan Kale
Rohan Kale on 14 Sep 2017
Simply use hold on command to hold the 6 plots on to the same figure. e.g
hold on
% and so on.


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