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fminicon optimization function and NaN problem

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sal on 28 Aug 2017
Commented: sal on 28 Aug 2017
fminicon optimization and NaN problem ,
I have a function that i am trying to minimize it using the fminicon optimization function and the results return are always NaN, i have debugged the program and checked the reason of the NaN it was because i have some results in the function equal to zero then in the function this results should take log and it will give -inf the when multiplied by zero it will give NaN,
my question is that can i do anything to make the fminicon function overcome the problem of the NaN?
i would really appreciate your help
thanks in advance


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Alan Weiss
Alan Weiss on 28 Aug 2017
If you give a starting point that is feasible (no NaN values), and use the interior-point algorithm, then fmincon should be able to handle the issue.
You could also write your objective function to explicitly look for the issue and return proper values.
Alan Weiss
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sal on 28 Aug 2017
Thank you so much for your reply, Regarding my initial it is feasible because it comes from a searching algorithm.
and for the rewriting the objective function i don't have an idea about how to write the objective function in a way that when it find (log(0)) turn it into a very small value not -inf to avoid the problem in the next step of multiplying the -inf by 0 which produces the NaN problem,
I wonder if there is anyway to put such condition in the objective function code since i have tried multiple ways but still none o them worked.
i would really appreciate if you suggest some way to deal with this issue.

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