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How to plot a contour USA map from a Shapefile

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When I read my shapefile I get this attributes:
S = shaperead('nsrdb_9814_dni_ovit.shp', 'UseGeoCoords', true)
S =
1716115×1 struct array with fields:
Where Geometry is 'Polygon' and DNI is the Direct Normal Irradiance of solar radiation:
I need to plot a result like this (where DNI is the scale for the colormap):
I tried
But I have a problem: the structure S is too big for my PC with 16GB of ram (out of memory error) and I didn't see the final result (with smaller pieces of S I can't see if I am in the right direction).
The ultimate question: How can I control the DNI scale to get that result (with hot colormap).
PS. here is the file if you want to play with it: Direct Normal Irradiance
Thank you very much!

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