how to convert rgb to hsi

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PRINSA K on 4 Aug 2017
Answered: DGM on 20 May 2022
I need Three channels in RGB color space&hue and saturation components in HSI space are extracted for each pixel, producing five color features .Each feature plane is normalized by subtracting its mean value over the entire is it possible?

Answers (2)

KSSV on 4 Aug 2017
doc rgb2hsv

DGM on 20 May 2022
MATLAB has no tools for HSI or HSL. There are tools on the File Exchange. The ones I use are here:
There are also others on the File Exchange, though be aware that Pascal Getreuer's popular Colorspace Transformations has a bug in the HSI path and will give the incorrect results unless you use the .mex version.

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