create different vector using for loop

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MUKESH KUMAR on 1 Aug 2017
Answered: Jan on 1 Aug 2017
I have three users named A1, A2 and A3 and each user has three appliances like A11 represent the A1's 1st appliance and A12, A13 similarly A21, A22, A23, and A31, A32, A33. I have the following matrix A11=[1 1 1 1 2]; A12=[1 2 2 2 2]; on. so how can i use for loop for excessing these vectors and if these data in excel then how can we excess?
KSSV on 1 Aug 2017
What is this A11=[1 1 1 1 2]; ?
Stephen23 on 1 Aug 2017
Do NOT waste your time writing bad code that creates separate variables with numbered variable names: "A frequent use of the eval function is to create sets of variables such as A1, A2, ..., An, but this approach does not use the array processing power of MATLAB and is not recommended."
Just use indexing: simple, fast, efficient, neat, simple, easy to understand, much less buggy, easier to debug, etc, etc, etc.
etc, etc, etc.

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Jan on 1 Aug 2017
Don't do this. The question is asked several times each week, and the answer is always the same. Do not hide an index in the name of a variable. Use an index instead.
Avoid functions such as eval, evalc, evalin, and feval(fname). Use the function
handle input to feval whenever possible. Indirectly evaluating a MATLAB expression
from text is computationally expensive.


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