Weird problem with fix.

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MSP on 22 Jul 2017
Edited: Star Strider on 22 Jul 2017
Guys do you know why fix on matlab 2017a is behaving weirdly. Pls have a look on the attached pic.This is not photoshopped.

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Matt J
Matt J on 22 Jul 2017
Edited: Matt J on 22 Jul 2017
Because out(1,3) is only displayed to four decimal places, it is possible that it's value is actually 3.99999999999999999 or something like that. Because it's value is slightly less than 4, fix() returns 3 for that entry.

Star Strider
Star Strider on 22 Jul 2017
Edited: Star Strider on 22 Jul 2017
The format displays the value rounded to the nearest integer. The fix function rounds toward zero (for both positive and negative numbers).
format long g
R1C2 = 3.9999999999
format short g
Q1 = R1C2
Q2 = fix(R1C2)
R1C2 =
Q1 =
Q2 =
EDIT Clarified explanation.


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