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Options for running Matlab in excel with a home use license

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The download material for this presentation contains an excel file (StorageApp.xlsm) that runs Matlab code. I have a home use license. What do I need to do to get this file to run. I have no intention of distributing any work; it's just for home use/mini projects, but I definitely need full excel functionality. What are my options? Suggestions are very welcome.

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Jan on 13 Jul 2017
Did you read the documentation of this FEX submission already? There are some instructions at and the Webinar also.
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Chet Sharma
Chet Sharma on 13 Jul 2017
Hi Jan, thanks for the response. I got the Quandl part to work.I forgot to add the specific file name in my post - the download contains a file called StorageApp.xlsm. That's the one I need to see working. It does not work right now as I don't have the Matlab Compiler - I guess that's not available with a home use version, and does not come cheap.So I was wondering - is Simulink enough to get it to work?

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