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How to reset variables in MATLAB GUI?

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Tara Prasad Mishra
Tara Prasad Mishra on 7 Jul 2017
Commented: Adam on 10 Jul 2017
I am developing a MATLAB GUI using app designer. I want to create a button which deletes specific variables. The variables are initially set using the setappdata function.


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Tara Prasad Mishra
Tara Prasad Mishra on 8 Jul 2017
Hi Adam, In the MATLAB app designer, I used a push button to load an image and now another push button to perform some operations on the image. If I do not use setappdata and getappdata, there is an error in the operation push button indicating undefined function image. (I do not want to define the image as a global variable due to further complications associated with it). Thank you.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 8 Jul 2017
Hard, or impossible, to say without seeing your code.
Adam on 10 Jul 2017
I've only really used appdesigner once, but apart from its annoying way of not allowing you to edit parts of the code it creates it is just based on a class whose entire purpose is to share data between its functions.
Show the code that you have, as Image Analyst says, to enable people to be more help.

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Jan on 8 Jul 2017
It depends on what "delete" means.
You do not create variables by the setappdata command, but this function stores the contents of the variables in the ApplicationData of a GUI element. Afterwards you can remove the entry by rmappdata, as mentioned in the documentation of setappdata.


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