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How to distinguish two similar but different strings?

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I have a function that sorts files based on file name. Two of the categories are 'Z7PR' and 'Z7PR1', which are two different tests. However, my sorting program sorts 'Z7PR' into 'Z7PR1', because it seems to match the 'Z7PR'. Is there anyway to distinguish the two without using 'Z7PR_' as I am currently doing?
Here is my code:
function otpS = filesort(inpS)
C = {'Z1P','Z2P','Z1G','Z2G','Z3K','Z4K','Z5K','Z3M','Z4M','Z5M','Z6MS','Z7PR_','Z7PR1'}; %files to find
N = {}; %initializes structure
otpS = struct(); %initializes structure
for k = 1:numel(C)
idx = cellfun('isempty',regexp(N,C{k},'once')); %finds matching strings
otpS.(C{k}) = N(~idx); %organizes files based on C
Ibro Tutic
Ibro Tutic on 28 Jun 2017
It seems I like to make things more difficult then necessary, I'll take a look at the function.

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Answers (1)

Stephen23 on 28 Jun 2017
Edited: Stephen23 on 28 Jun 2017
Some ideas:


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