Is it possible to add a text box to word in matlab report generator?

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I have tried to find the class but i only find it for ppt...

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Paul Kinnucan
Paul Kinnucan on 23 Jun 2017
You cannot create text boxes directly. However, you can do so indirectly by including text boxes in templates for documents and document parts. The text boxes can contain holes that you can fill programmatically. If you want to add a text box multiple times in a report, create a template containing the text box, create a document part based on the template, fill any holes in the template, and add the document part wherever the report needs the text box.
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anja pedersen
anja pedersen on 26 Jun 2017
Thanks for the answer, however when i try this it messes up the whole report, it puts the rest of the text in there as well. And when i try to add several boxes in the footer it does not fill them correctly...

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