how to write number into uitable?

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best16 programmer
best16 programmer on 22 May 2017
Commented: Jan on 22 May 2017
hello, i have a uitable in a gui application and i want to write a number such as:
with x0 is a number,can you help me with that?
thank you

Accepted Answer

Jan on 22 May 2017
Edited: Jan on 22 May 2017
"x=x0±0.01" is not a number. You can write this as a string only. Then you can parse the strings when the data are used.
Jan on 22 May 2017
What about Star Strider's example? I still do not know, what you want to achieve.

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 22 May 2017
I would use sprintf to create ‘x’:
x = sprintf('%.2f±0.01', x0);
Change it if necessary to create the result you want.

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