How to Remove files that don't match string?

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Ibro Tutic
Ibro Tutic on 10 May 2017
Commented: dpb on 10 May 2017
I have a list of filenames, and I am trying to remove any files that don't have the string 'Z1P', 'Z2P', or 'Z1G' in them.
The file names are stored in a cell array called Files.
Thanks for any help.

Answers (2)

Guillaume on 10 May 2017
The easiest, assuming R2016b or later, is to use contains:
filteredarray = yourcellarray(contains(yourcellarray, 'Z1P') & contains(yourcellarray, 'Z1P') & contains(yourcellarray, 'Z1G'))
Guillaume on 10 May 2017
If by structure you mean the structure returned by dir:
filteredstruct = dirstruct(~isempty(regexp({}, 'Z1P|Z2P|Z1G', 'once')));

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dpb on 10 May 2017
Edited: dpb on 10 May 2017
If anywhere in the filename, then
UnwantedStrings={'Z1P', 'Z2P', and 'Z1G'};
If it's an extension or needs must be in the filename and not extension, use fileparts first to separate pieces needed.
dpb on 10 May 2017
Guillaume -- DOH! you're right. regexpi it is...
Ibro--oh, ok, it doesn't work anyway, but read it as to keep everything but. So, if it worked otherwise, lose the ~.

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