Programming a Hierarchical tree structure, keeps branching out unless specific criteria is met.

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I have got a data matrix and i want to perform clustering on it to split it into two clusters. The program needs to continue branching out into two clusters untill some stopping conditions are met. I need to save the cluster/data where the stopping conditions are met. I am unable to understand how to program this although similar thing is done using hierarchical clustering but i dont want to use hierarchical clustering.

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Yeshwanth Devara
Yeshwanth Devara on 17 May 2017
From the description, the problem you are trying to solve appears like hierarchical clustering. You can refer to the documentation here for sample examples.
If you do not prefer to use hierarchical, You may also try clustering using Gaussian mixture models. Refer to the documentation at .
Here are some other popular clustering algorithms used for the same purpose. This can help you get started with choosing the algorithm :

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