Matlab curve fitting tool automation for selection of fit with minimum sse.

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I have time as x data and energy consumption data as y data, i am trying to use curve fitting tool for smoothing the curves of energy data. Is there a way that matlab can automatically check all the fittings techniques and tables of SSE are given out. Certain types of fitting like interpolation, spline interpolation are not to be included in the fitting options as they will obviously give the minimum sse.

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Kevin Gleason
Kevin Gleason on 5 May 2017
You could certainly write your own function by using the gof output of the "fit" function.
Here is an example that shows you how to use the "fit" to see the Goodness of Fit of different methods. You could store the "gof" values in an array and find the max GoF.
function bestFitName = Gof_Finder( x, y )
Fits = {'poly1', 'poly2', 'poly3', 'exp1'};
for i=1:numel(Fits)
[~,GoFs(i)] = fit( x, y, Fits{i} );
[~, minIdx] = min([GoFs.sse]);
bestFitName = Fits{minIdx};
The above function will return the name of the best fit of the data x and y.

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