How to install glpkmex for my matlab6.5? my computer is win10, 64 bit

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I am a new beginer and I try to use the COBRA toolbox in matlab for my graduation paper, so I need to download the LPsolver,SBMLtoolbox and LibSBML.The glpkmex is one of the choices for the LPsolver and it is the first step. I follwed the instructions step by step by downloading the file and unziping it and adding it to the matlab path.However, I just can't make it.It keep meeting errors when I type the "glpktest1" to test if I succesfully install it.
So I was thinking if it is because my computer is windows 10,64 bit and I should have different ways to install it? Usually I see in the README that it seems has some difference between linux, mac or windows. I don't know much about computer science.Can you tell me what should I do to install the glpkmex in this situation so that I can start my research for my paper.
Thank you so much!
BTW:I am afraid I meet trouble again when try to install libSBML too.

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Raeed Shamoon
Raeed Shamoon on 20 Jan 2020


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