How to use MATLAB deep learning without GPU?

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h612 on 7 Apr 2017
Commented: h612 on 15 May 2017
I'm having a problem in running nn training with
net = trainNetwork(trainingSet, layers, opts);
count = gpuDeviceCount --> 0
I used activations earlier
trainingFeatures = activations(convnet, trainingSet, featureLayer, ...
'MiniBatchSize', 32,'OutputAs', 'columns');
  • But I'm not sure How I can use them in the same way with edited layers.. Anyhelp would be highly appreciated.s
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Joss Knight
Joss Knight on 13 Apr 2017
You need to actually state what the problem is, e.g. show the error message or explain what is preventing you doing what you want to do.

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Answers (1)

h612 on 29 Apr 2017
Solved by using Matconvnet. TQ
h612 on 15 May 2017
You can get it from ans start with examples. Or start with 2017a version. I prefer the former.

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