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How do i skip the first 4 rows and create a diagram from the values?

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I want to make diagrams from all these values and ignore the definitions in the first 4 rows.
This is what I have so far.
M = dlmread('OG.txt',';')
for i=1:4, fgetl(fid),end
plot(A(:,1), A(:,3), A(:,1), A(:,4))
plot(A(:,1), A(:,2))

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JohnGalt on 4 Apr 2017
skipping the first 4 rows... rather than use the colon operator (':') by itself... use ('5:end')
for example
a = 1:8;
a(5:end) % = [5 6 7 8]
The ':' by itself is the same as '1:end', i.e. a(:)==a(1:end)
Reading in the data you will probably have an easier time with the 'textscan' function. You can specify delimiters (';' in your case). As your first few lines aren't marked with a symbol to show that they're comments/heading... you'll probably have to load all the data and then remove the first 4 rows.

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