I am trying to plot different curves in gui, but i dont know how to add legend to it.

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My plots depend on a single variable 's' which i take from the user. I get the plot but am unable to get all the legends for different plots that the user plot for different 's' values. This is the plotting part of the code. where 'i' is a global parameter which increments with each new value of 's'.
p(i)= plot(x,y,'linewidth',2,'Color',clr(i));
hold on
grid on
title('Rotor Voltage Limit for Various Slip values')
Legend{i}=strcat('S=', num2str(s));
for l=1:i
Rik on 31 Mar 2017
My first observation is that you don't need the for-loop. The legend function also works if you just enter an array of handles and a cell array. My second observation is that the curly brackets look wrong, as you will not be supplying a cell array as second parameter. I bet you got an error for l==2 (as for l==1 you were just adding a single element legend).

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Accepted Answer

Rik on 1 Apr 2017
Try if this works: replace this
for l=1:i
with this
Ankit Singh
Ankit Singh on 4 Apr 2017
Sir, I got it! Omg, I was increasing the counter when a new s value was being entered by the user, so the counter was starting from 1+1, 2, instead of 1, and thus all the errors. I feel silly now, to have wasted so much of both of our time. Thank you so much for your help sir. :)
Rik on 5 Apr 2017
You're welcome. It is often these little typos that make for the most inexplicable problems.

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