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How to Make All Children of a Figure Invisible?

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Imagine I have a figure with three axes objects and a rectangle.
hfig = figure;
hax1 = axes;
hax2 = axes;
hax3 = axes;
hrec1 = rectangle;
How can I make the axes objects and the rectangle invisible, so only an empty figure is visible, and then again visible?

Accepted Answer

Adam on 24 Mar 2017
Edited: Adam on 24 Mar 2017
You could store them all in an array and then you can just use
set( hGraphics, 'Visible', 'off' )
Certainly your axes would be better as hAx(1), hAx(2), hAx(3) rather than 3 individual variables and you can tag a rectangle onto the same array too as it will just be an array of general graphics objects.
Recursively hunting through children can be a messy business although there may be functions that can do it, or something on file exchange.
A rectangle will be parented by an axes though so you can explicitly get children of your axes and hide them rather than starting at figure level.
Rightia Rollmann
Rightia Rollmann on 24 Mar 2017
And how can I create the array hGraphics?
Adam on 24 Mar 2017
hGraphics = [ hax1, hax2, hax3, hrec1 ];
Or preferably put them straight in the array as e.g.
hGraphics(1) = axes;
hGraphics(2) = axes;

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