code generation force C90 usage

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Hello, I generate a code from my model.
The generated code use function like: fmodf and floorf that are part of math.h but in C99 version.
My compiler doesn't support these functions.
How can I Force Matlab to use C90 corresponding function (fmod and floor) instead?
I'm using version 2016b.

Accepted Answer

Nagini Venkata Krishna Kumari Palem
In my understanding you are trying to generate code using C90 type. In general, MATLAB coder uses C89/C90 (ANSI) types by default.
You can explicitly change the 'Standard math library' property to 'C89/C90 (ANSI)' in Custom Code tab during code generation.
Take a look at the following documentation Change the Standard Math Library for detailed information.

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