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How to Keep a Character in A Fixed Position?

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I have created a Static Text that shows the current values of A and B:
A: 1 B: 2
When A’s value has more than one digit, it pushes B forward, and therefore B is no longer in its previous location:
A: 1234567 B: 2
Is there any trick to hold B in a fixed position regardless of the number of A’s digits? So it would like that:
A: 1 B: 2
A: 1234567 B: 2

Answers (1)

Chad Greene
Chad Greene on 17 Mar 2017
Edited: Chad Greene on 17 Mar 2017
Try this:
A = 1;
sprintf('% 8d',A)
B = 1234567;
sprintf('% 8d',B)


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