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How Can I Save Some Fields of a Struct Using uisave Function?

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I want to save some fields of a struct using uisave function. The problem is uisave doesn’t have the options that save function provides.
How can I save some fields of a struct using uisave function? If not possible, what is the alternate solution?
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Jan on 17 Mar 2017
How do you want to specify the fields? What about using the save function directly?

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Answers (1)

Guillaume on 17 Mar 2017
Edited: Guillaume on 17 Mar 2017
Simply use uiputfile instead of uisave then use the returned path with save. It's only three more lines of code.
[filename, filepath] = uiputfile({'*.mat', 'MAT-files (*.mat)'}, 'Save Workspace Variable', 'matlab.mat');
if ischar(filename)
save(fullfile(filepath, filename), '-struct', 'somestructvariable');
edit: you can actually look at the code of uiputfile (simply use edit uiputfile). You'll see it's more or less what I've written.


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