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How to Access These Values of This Struc without Using a For Loop?

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Here’s my initial struct:
A(1).B.C = 'a';
A(2).B.C = 'b';
A(3).B.C = 'a';
A(4).B.C = 'a';
I want to change the values of C based on values of Values and indexes of IndexingArray:
Values = {'a', 'b'}
IndexingArray = [1 1 0 1];
So, my struct will be:
A(1).B.C = 'b';
A(2).B.C = 'b';
A(3).B.C = 'a';
A(4).B.C = 'b';
Isn’t really there a way to do it without using a for loop?

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