How can I extract 3D features form a stack of 2D images?

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I am conducting a lung nodule detection form CT scan images. I extract the nodule candidates form series of 2D CT images. Then I stack the extracted ROIs to get a 3D image. After that I want to extract 3D features, but I don't know how can I extract the features from 3D directly or from each layers of 2D images. Please kindly suggest me how can I extract 3D features form a stack of 2D images.
srcFiles = dir('R_006S\*.jpg'); % the folder in which images exists
n = length(srcFiles);
a={}; slices={};
for i = 1:n
fileName = strcat('R_006S\',srcFiles(i).name);
a{i} = imread(fileName);
slices{i} = (a{i});
X = cat(3,slices{1:end});
map = hsv(90);
XR = X;
Ds = smooth3(XR);
hiso = patch(isosurface(Ds,5),'FaceColor','green','EdgeColor','none');
hcap = patch(isocaps(XR,5),'FaceColor','interp','EdgeColor','none');
fig = gcf;
fig.Renderer = 'zbuffer';
lighting phong
hcap.AmbientStrength = .6;
hiso.SpecularColorReflectance = 0;
hiso.SpecularExponent = 50;
ax = gca;
ax.View = [215,30];
ax.Box = 'On';
axis tight
title('Original Data');
May on 4 Mar 2017
Thank you for your suggest. I want to extract the shape (round or not), volume, diameter, contrast and stolidity of VOI.

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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 4 Mar 2017
Do something (filtering or whatever is needed) to get to a point where you can threshold. Then threshold, label, and call regionprops().

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MDanit on 15 Mar 2017
Could you please provide your full answer here? As I have the same problem.

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