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Remove space around generated image

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fiona rozario
fiona rozario on 12 Feb 2017
Commented: fiona rozario on 12 Feb 2017
I am encrypting an image and have generated the encrypted image matrix of dimension (183x275x3). But when I display the image (seen as dots in the attached file) it has some extra white space around it which alters its dimensions to (415x253). How do I get rid of the white space? Original image also attached...

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Jan on 12 Feb 2017
Edited: Jan on 12 Feb 2017
It is very starnge, that you get a 415x253 image after encrypting an 183x275x3 array. I guess, that you display the encrypted image using imshow or image and take a screenshot afterwards, which is taked as indexed image. This does not sound convincing.
Please post any details. I assume, the output of the encryption function is the wanted encrypted image already and you do not need the indirection of displaying it at first. Then there is no need to remove a border.
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fiona rozario
fiona rozario on 12 Feb 2017
I am following these steps:
  1. reading an image,
  2. separating the RGB channels,
  3. splitting R, G and B into two sub components each (so i have 6 matrices now)
  4. encrypting each of the 6 matrices indiividually
  5. build the R, G and B channels again from the sub-parts
  6. build the image again from the RGB channels
The matrix created in the workspace shows (183 x 275 x 3).
Does the data type make any difference? From step 3 onwards the datatype has changed to 'double' instead of 'uint8'...

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