How can i create .exe file from .m file?

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I have an .m file having a set of functions and classes. I want to create an executable software from this script. How can I create an user interface and a standalone installation package of this software is the problem.

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Preethi on 3 Jan 2017
mcc -m mfilename
helps in creating .exe file. you will need Matlab coder, check using 'ver' command if it is installed or not.
For user interface, I think you can use Matlab GUIDE/uicontrol.
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swati khatkar
swati khatkar on 23 Apr 2019
I have created the application using mcc -m filename
But i am using multiple functions in the file, I do not want to provide those function files to the end user. Is there any way i can skip giving extra code files

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