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setpath / Set Path

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Pedro Pantalone
Pedro Pantalone on 15 Dec 2016
Commented: José-Luis on 16 Dec 2016
I have the same issue on Windows & macOS. The Problem is that the toolbox contains a function that is native in MATLAB and thus I want the custom function to execute first.
The issue occurs with a toolbox that I installed that I wanted to move on top of the set path list. This is manually moved to the top: <>
Save and Close. Exit. Restart Matlab. Right at the bottom:
What is the matter with that?


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Pedro Pantalone
Pedro Pantalone on 16 Dec 2016
well, links were inserted as pictures. i reedited for both. just to mention, the pathdef.m contains the correct order:
dbmn on 16 Dec 2016
1) A common problem on company computers is that pathdef.m is set to read only (so your changes did nothing).
Could you check by adding another path, if you can effectively change pathdef.m?
2) Have you tried using the command line based addpath / savepath functions?
Do you get the same results with addpath?
José-Luis on 16 Dec 2016
A workaround is to explicitly call what you want:

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