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cell data into different doubles

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Huseyin on 14 Dec 2016
Answered: Chinmay Anand on 28 Jun 2019
Hi, I have 5x1 cell named 'b'. I want to extract the data into different matrices like; b1=b{1} b2=b{2} b3=b{3} b4=b{4} b5=b{5}
But I want to do it by using for loop because the size of cell may differ for different inputs in the algorithm. If you help me I would be very glad. Thanks

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Chinmay Anand
Chinmay Anand on 28 Jun 2019
[row,col] = size(A); % row and col containing size of A ( A is the cell matrix )
for i=1:row
for j=1:col
mat = A{i,j}; % storing matrix in mat variable
You can store each matrix ( in the cell ), just keep on changing the variable named mat.

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