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How to plot a object boundary using MATLAB if we have coordinates?

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Arun Sharma
Arun Sharma on 8 Dec 2016
Commented: Arun Sharma on 9 Dec 2016
Hello! Everyone, I have Object placed inside a box and i used distance sensors to get the distance of the object from a reference point (0,0,0), now i want to plot the surface of this object using MATLAB, but i am confused, which plotting function to use.
Suppose the object placed is cylindrical object as shown below.
These are the valid points which i get from the sensor from point (0,0,0) and all of these points are same across the z-axis
x = (89.26772163,89.2251516,89.17737906,89.05573047, 88.8611554,88.59463961,88.2572044,87.84990611, 90.60990337,93.38333305,96.16835842,98.96312702, 101.7657715,104.5744107,107.4709263)
y = (86.20483673,83.20379993,80.29567276,77.41496542, 74.56336272,71.74252458,68.95408524,66.19965255, 65.83194826,65.38771374,64.8663768,64.26740613, 63.59031171,62.83464514,62.04836823)
Which plot should i use to get the one side boundary using MATLAB as follow:
With the points above, it is not possible to draw the complete image, but at-least it is possible to draw the boundary of the front side. Please suggest which type of plot, surface plot i can use.

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KSSV on 8 Dec 2016
Arun Sharma
Arun Sharma on 9 Dec 2016
I am also getting the L-shaped line, but i thought i will get some curve. I am confused why i am getting this L-shaped line. These points are curve of the cylinder, i should get some curve like thing. I think i am doing something wrong or missing something.

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