Is it possible to run Excel calculations in Matlab?

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Basically I have an extremely involved Excel spreadsheet that calculates stress/strain on different materials. There are various inputs in the Excel spreadsheet and then it calculates data points corresponding to stress/strain. Is there a way to:
  1. Use Matlab to create the inputs for the Excel spreadsheet
  2. Open the Excel spreadsheet, copy inputs from Matlab into relevant fields and 'run' the calculation done in the spreadsheet
  3. Extract stress/strain data to plot in Matlab.
The spreadsheet itself has a worksheet with the data values that I am interested in plotting in Matlab, but I need to be able to define input parameters in Matlab and plot the curves in Matlab, not in Excel.
dpb on 7 Dec 2016
Well, start with
doc xlsread
doc xlswrite
Then, of course, there's the ActiveX server that let's you interact directly at low-level.

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