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How to find the name of a file from a folder?

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Hi, I have a folder containing 1 hidden file and 10 images which are '.DS_Store 01 02 03 04 05 ... 09 10'. When I'm reading all the files from the folder it will read the hidden file too. I want to have the name of the hidden file, how can I do it? I used the "dir" command to read the names only but since the MAC is not updated it will not read anything. Is there any other command to read only names of the files in a folder? this is the program I used:
folderpath='/Users/faranak/Desktop'; folderpath=strcat(folderpath,[filesep '/**/' filesep]); filelist=dir(folderpath); %%% which gives me the names of the files
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Jan on 6 Dec 2016
Why does the update status of the OS prevent the dir command to reply file names?

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Accepted Answer

Jan on 6 Dec 2016
folderpath = '/Users/faranak/Desktop';
folderpath = fullfile(folderpath, '**'); % What is the meaning of "/**/" ???
filelist = dir(folderpath);
name = {};
name = name(~strncmp(name, '.', 1)) % No files starting with '.'
Alikouider on 28 Jan 2022
We have the whole extension...
How can I get only the simulink file please?
'.slx ' files? from the folder
thanks in advance

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Adam on 6 Dec 2016
Edited: Adam on 6 Dec 2016
If you just mean you want to strip out hidden files then there are probably numerous ways to do it, e.g.
f = File( filename );
hidden = get( f, 'Hidden' );
That works for a single file. You can easily apply it to a group of files. There is probably a similar package/class that simply allows you to filter them straight out of a directory listing too, but it is ages since I used in my work so I can't remember much about it.
f = File( myDirectory );
files = f.listFiles( );
will give you an array of java file objects to loop through too.


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