Adding new column to a matrix with the same number repeated

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I have a feeling this is really simple to do, because it seems that way in my mind, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to do it.
I have a 469x1 matrix (interNode) and I want to make a second column with all rows having the same value (2) to give me a 469x2 matrix.
Any help would be appreciated :)

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 28 Nov 2016
interNode = rand(469,1) ; % a radnom data
c2 = 2*ones(size(interNode)) ; % second column to add
iwant = [interNode c2] ;
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Meghan on 28 Nov 2016
Thank you :) very simple but I just couldn't think of it! Must be Monday mornings!

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Preethi on 28 Nov 2016
hope this helps
a= [1;2;3;4;2;3;2;6;7;2]

Elias Gule
Elias Gule on 28 Nov 2016
Hi, let's try this:
[nRows,nCols] = size(yourMatrix);
yourMatrix = [yourMatrix 2*ones(nRows,1)]; % This is called matrix horizontal concatenation.


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