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NSP (Nurse Scheduling Problem)

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Amir Hamzah UTeM
Amir Hamzah UTeM on 14 Mar 2011
Commented: Alan Weiss on 5 Sep 2018
Hi, did someone ever solve this problem using matlab? can explain to me how this problem can be solve by using optimization toolbox? some example in GUI or m-file is greatly appreciated..
The problem is how to find a schedule that both respects the constraints.Conventionally a nurse can work 3 shifts because nursing is shift work: shift 2.night shift 3.late night shift 4.Free time (after she done 3 times late night shift in that week)
In this problem we must search for a solution satisfying as many wishes as possible while not compromising the needs of the hospital. Some examples of constraints are:
-A nurse doesn't work the day shift, night shift and late night shift on the same day (for obvious reasons). -A nurse may go on a holiday (Free time) and will not work shifts during this time. -A nurse doesn't do a late night shift followed by a day shift the next day
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erjon DUKA
erjon DUKA on 17 May 2013
hi matlab users
i was interested if somebody have the code of answer of nurse scheduling problem

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Answers (1)

Teja Muppirala
Teja Muppirala on 15 Jan 2016
Serien Ali
Serien Ali on 5 Sep 2018
Hi Teja,
I am trying to extend the employee schedule from this blogpost you linked, from 1 day to 1 week. I am unsure how to add in the constraints of weekly max/min hours for each employee. I have tried extending the hours from 24 to 168, however that did not work. The sizes of the constraints do not fit into the A and b matrix. Is there a solution to this problem? Thanks so much.
Alan Weiss
Alan Weiss on 5 Sep 2018
You might find it easier to express the problem using the problem-based approach. This is equivalent to the method in the blog post, but I find it easier to create and debug problems this way. This requires MATLAB R2017b or later.
Alan Weiss
MATLAB mathematical toolbox documentation

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