how to plot a unit step function

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Below shows my convolution of two signals by hand. I want to know how to use MATLAB to plot y(t). Please and thank you. It is a unit step function.

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Daniel kiracofe
Daniel kiracofe on 27 Nov 2016
Do you want to do this numerically or symbollically?
With the symbolic math toolbox, the heaviside() function is a unit step.
If you want to do it numerically, you'll need to create it yourself, but it's easy. First create a time vector. e.g. t=-2:0.001:2 then create a zero vector for u, and fill in as appropriate: u = zeros(1,length(t)); u(find(t>0)) = 1; As u here is a vector not a function, you'd have to create a separate vector for the shifted step u(t-1).

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