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How to dynamically load struct-data into listbox

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Hey Guys, i have a struct called DBC. I want to read the following data from this struct into a listbox in a guide GUI. DBC.Message(1).MessageName and DBC.Message(2).MessageName
In my gui, i open a text file and then with a help of another .m-file I read its data into my Struct 'DBC'.
I have problems to visualise data of the struct in a listbox. Here is the code:
if true
function OpenDBC_Button_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles)
[filename,path,cancel_check] = uigetfile('*.dbc',...
'Choose DBC-File',...
DBC_read_test %another m-file, which reads the file and saves its data into a struct 'DBC'
assignin('base','DBC', DBC);
for msgs = 1:size(DBC.Message) %iterate through the struct
My problem is that in the GUI only one entry is displayed, although there are several entries in the struct. Help anyone? THANKS!
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Jan on 14 Nov 2016
The term "path" is an important Matlab command. Shadowing it by a variable is a bad idea.

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