How to access PCI Ethernet hardware based on function number in xPC Real Time environment

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I am having difficulty getting access to all adapters in a PCIe quad port NIC through xPC real time (matlab 2012b). The crux of the issue is that there are two ethernet adapters for one Bus and Slot Number, and they are only separated by Index and Function number, which I cannot figure out how to specify in my Simulink model.
I am attempting to use multiple ethernet ports on an xPC real time machine. With the hardware on flag, I have booted xPC and seen a list of the PCI devices it has recognized. A list of the following elements is displayed: Index, Driver, Bus Number, Slot Number and Function Number. My list looks like the following:
As can be seen, there are multiple devices sharing the same Bus and Slot number. Unfortunately, when configuring network interfaces on Simulink (network configuration block), I have yet to find anything that allows me to provide a Bus, Slot and Func number. I am able to access two of the four devices on the quad port NIC.
Is there any way to specify the Function Number in a network config simulink block? Any other solution to access these devices?
Currently using Matlab 2012b, though I'm open to looking at other versions.

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