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David on 16 Sep 2016
Commented: David on 16 Sep 2016
Hey, Im not able to zoom with my mousewheel in Matlab as im used to in all the other Versions. I got 2013, 2015, 2016 installed as well, and it wrks just fine there, just in the 2010 Version i cant zoom in Simulink. So im not longer sure if it never was possible in the 2010 Version, or if i just corrupted my Installation somehow.
The other Matlab Version seems to have a simulink prefernces Option to enable mousewheel zoom But im not able to find that Option in the 2010 Version
Any ideas? Else i guess i try to reinstall
Kind regards

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Swarooph on 16 Sep 2016
This seems to have been introduced in R2012b based on the release notes here.
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David on 16 Sep 2016
Ya, I guess you are right and there never was a zoom Option for the 2010 Version, thats sad, well i guess i have to get use to it; you know of any way how to set up keybindings in matlab (2010)? as the r and v key already do the zoomin, just ahve to remap them to the mousewheel

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