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Draw deviated great cirle path between two points on map

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Hi all,
I have lat/lon of two points, Point A and Point B. I am trying to create the flight path AB but rather than using a great circle direct line, i would like to deviate the path to one side by 5% of length of AB. So let's say the distance between Point A and Point B is 1000km, i would like to shift the path from the Centre of AB by 50km (1000 x 5%). I would then want to repeat the same on the other side.
Note: I am suing R2014b and have access to Mapping Toolbox.
Thanks for your help.

Answers (1)

KSSV on 22 Aug 2016
As you have A, B in your hand; you will get equation of line AB. You can pick different points on AB, get the foot of perpendicular. Join all the foot of perpendiculars. Perpendicular distance would be 5% of the distance on AB.
KSSV on 23 Aug 2016
You provide me lat and lon for the points A, B
Amir on 23 Aug 2016
for example, the coordinates can be:
LatA =51.4775; LonA = -0.461389;
LatB = 41.297078; LonB = 2.078464;

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